The Chemical Monitoring Facility has the capability of analysing a diverse range of materials in the environment (e.g. soils, terrestrial and marine sediments, rocks, waters and biological tissue) to determine elemental abundances (including rare earth elements), elemental speciation, organic compounds and isotopic compositions. The design includes a Class 6 and 7 clean room facilities for the preparation and analysis of samples for ultra-trace elemental analysis.

Research Projects

  1. A national cooperation to assess sources and mechanisms leading to elevated arsenic and metal exposure in Irish drinking water supplies
  2. Hydro-geological and geochemical investigations of elevated arsenic (As) in drinking water supplies from the west of Ireland
  3. Bio-monitoring of metal contamination in wetlands associated with construction and demolition (C&D) waste.

Mr. Marc Benlloch

Earth and Ocean Science


Owen Doherty (full-time)

Senior Technical Officer

Orbsen Building

+353 (0)91 492974


Ms. Nessa Golden



Ms. Ellen McGrory

Earth and Ocean Science


Research interests in the area of environment and health include the bioavailability, mobility, biomonitoring, and toxicity of metal contaminants in the environment. Current research includes biogeochemical investigation on elevated concentrations of metals from natural and anthropogenic sources in drinking water supplies. Dr. Morrison established and manages the Chemical Monitoring Facility at the Ryan Institute, NUIG.