There are over 160 postgraduate masters degree programs in NUI Galway. Of these there are 19 postgraduate masters degree programs that are strongly aligned with the Ryan Institute’s four research themes. The Ryan Institute in particular acts to support the research components of Masters degree programs which are aligned with its four research themes. This is achieved through the activities of the Ryan Institute’s Postgraduate Working Group.

The following postgraduate masters degree programs are strongly aligned with the Ryan Institute research themes, with many Masters degree students doing the research component of their Masters degrees in the research groups of Ryan Institute Principal Investigators.

Ag Innovation (MSc)
AgriBiosciences (Structured MSc), in collaboration with Teagasc 
AgriFood Sustainability & Technology (MSc) 
Biodiversity & Land-Use Planning (MSc)   
Biotechnology (MSc) 
Civil Engineering (ME) 
Climate Change, Agriculture & Food Security (MSc) 
Coastal & Marine Environments (MSc)
Computational Genomics (MSc)
Computer Science—Data Analytics (MSc) 
Energy Systems Engineering (ME) 
Environment, Society, & Development (MA) 
Environmental Leadership (MSc) 
Journalism (MA) 
Mechanical Engineering (ME) 
Natural Resource Economics & Policy (MEconSc) 
Occupational & Environmental Health & Safety (MSc) 
Politics and Sociology (MA) 
Rural Sustainability (MA) 
Sustainable Resource Management (MSc) 
Water Resources Engineering (MSc) 

Prospective students who are interested in any of the four research themes of the Ryan Institute and in making an impact in these areas, can choose from the above portfolio of Masters degree programs to further their skills and careers.