Our location near the North Atlantic Ocean is a strong driver of the research priorities within the Institute. Our emphasis is on:

  1. understanding and prediction of climate, ecological, terrestrial and marine system changes,
  2. innovation in energy-efficient technologies and bioenergy,
  3. R&D in aquaculture, fisheries, offshore renewable energy resources and biodiscovery,
  4. development of technologies for monitoring, modelling and mitigation of environmental pressures, and
  5. provision of scientific and technical information to guide socioeconomic and policy decisions.

The context of economic insecurity and increasing competition for natural resources requires solutions based on integrated scientific, technical and socio-economic research. This is a time to bring together our pool of experienced researchers and motivated graduates, supported with excellent facilities, to interact in creative ways with the private sector, state agencies and civil society. The agenda of the Ryan Institute is nothing less than a significant national and international contribution to research in some of the pressing issues of the 21st century around the environment, energy and food security, economic resilience, and social cohesion.


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